Protect your Valuables

Home burglaries and break-ins are among the most common crimes in Australia with over 300,000 break-ins per year.

They account for over one-fifth of all offences recorded by the police.
Australia’s burglary rate is also relatively high by international standards, reflecting our relative wealth and the fact that many homes contain items that are valuable and easy to transport and re-sell.

Money and Jewellery are the most commonly stolen items across all burglaries, occurring at around 20 per cent.
The Queensland Police Service Annual Statistical Review showed home break-ins across the state remained a significant problem with over 25.000 homes broken into during the year.

RACQ Insurance Executive Manager Communications, Mike Sopinski believes the majority of home theft was opportunistic and many householders, unfortunately, made it easy for thieves to enter properties by not using simple and basic home security measures.
The Master Locksmiths believe the simple method of ‘keep it safe, keep it hidden, keep it locked’ works best.

There’s a simple solution to protecting your money, jewellery, and other important assets (for personal goods and business environment), put them in a safe!”