Ratner Safes

Ratner Safes, since 1972 a fully-owned Australian company, commenced manufacturing in Australia  1963.

Ratner Safes has become synonymous with the design and development of safes, strong rooms and vaults. This reputation has, of course, evolved over the last 50 years through continuous and conscientious care for detail and incorporating the latest design improvements in safe security that have stood the test of time. Our custom built safes, vaults and strong rooms provide secure protection for some of Australia’s highest security locations for narcotics, firearms, precious metals jewellery, pharmaceutical and large cash reserves. Many of our safes provide the highest level of protection from all known forms of professional attack by such means as high-speed drills and grinders, explosives, oxy-acetylene, hydraulic and pneumatic tools etc.

Service Details

Ratner Safes manufacture a large range of high-quality safes, strong rooms and vaults which are complemented with other leading manufacturer’s security products such as world leading digital locks and high-security key locks, so our products comply with strict security certification standards such as fire and burglary classifications.

We can custom design and manufacture any safe product including home or business safes, deposit safes, commercial cash safes, gun or rifle safes, fire-resisting safes and more.

Products & Services

  • Home safes
  • Commercial Deposit safes
  • Fire Resistant Burglary safes
  • Retail Cash safes
  • Drug & Pharmaceutical safes


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