For almost 30 years now Codelocks is synonymous for innovative design and high-quality manufacturing processes. Our products are suitable for a wide variety of applications.
The extensive range of smart electronic and mechanical push button locks for doors, cabinets and lockers are not only stylish but offer users a convenient standalone solution without the trouble of issuing keys or cards. All products are also always sold with ‘everything you need in the box’ to fit them, including parts, instructions and templates

Service Details

Codelocks electronic range provides simple yet effective access control. The functionality of digital locks provides major benefits over mechanical ones and unlike other access control solutions, the digital locks do not require complex wiring, Wifi or external power making them more cost effective for many applications.

Codelocks mechanical range of standalone door locks offer simple and convenient access control solutions. Easy to install, the locks offer a number of options for a variety of applications. Where a single, easily changed code is required, mechanical locks are an ideal access control solution.

Pruducts & Services

  • Smart Locks
  • Electronic Locks
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Locks
  • Mechanical locks
  • Digital cabinet and locker locks


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