Identity Matters - Commercial Matting Solutions

Identity Matters have been providing businesses throughout Australia with their quality range of Matting Solutions for over 20 years.
Their experienced team is looking after all sorts of companies, from smaller specialist to big corporates and nation-wide retailer.

Identity Matters currently supply a number of locksmiths around Australia with functional mats, and recommend the following two popular types of mats.

Service Details

Branded Mats

A branded logo mat is a great way to welcome new customers and create a lasting first impression from the moment they walk in the door.

Safety and Anti-fatigue Mats

If you’re on your feet most of the day and spend a lot of time in a workshop, safety and anti-fatigue mats are an advisable option to help increase productivity and proactively prevent injuries.

Products and Services

  • Custom Logo Mats
  • Commercial Entrance Mats
  • Safety & Anti-Fatigue Mats
  • Counter Mats
  • Promotional Solutions


Steve Davidson

Call AU: 1800 300 311
Call NZ: +61 3 9583 6000

Identity Matters
9-11 Shearson Crescent
Mentone, VIC 3194

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