The Role of the Association

The voice of the Locksmithing Industry

The role of the Master Locksmiths Association is defined by the needs of its Business Members, the locksmithing and security industry, and the wider public.

The tasks and duties of the MLAA are diverse. We provide advice to all levels of government about how to improve the safety and security of the public. We encourage the industry to be at the forefront of product development, we help in ensuring the Training Package for locksmiths is both modern and relevant, and we work with the various State Licencing authorities to improve the effectiveness of the current licencing arrangements. We ensure our Business Members are qualified, licensed and insured so that the Master Locksmiths brand is synonymous with quality workmanship and tradespersons that can be trusted.

The MLAA as a modern Not-for-Profit

The Master Locksmiths Association is a member-based organisation, and is funded by its Members. Currently, the MLAA has around 1000 members in Australia and New Zealand, consisting of around 700 Business Members (Locksmiths), major Manufacturers and Industry Suppliers (Trade Members), as well as Individual & Life Members.

Services for Business Members

The MLAA consists of around 700 Business Members in Australia and New Zealand. Most of these businesses are Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

The MLAA offers a variety of services to its Business Members, ranging from the provision of Restricted Keying Systems to organising local Security Audits, or providing workplace policies and guidelines.

One of the main duties of the Association, however, is to promote the ‘Master Locksmith’ brand – and with that, its Business Members.

To read more about the benefits of becoming a Business Member of the MLAA, visit our ‘Become a Member’ page.

Services for the Government

For many years, the MLAA has been the main contact point for the Government and Local Councils. We provide services in three main areas: Quality Assurance, Public Accessibility and Qualified Feedback & Support.

  • Quality Assurance:
    In recent years, the entry requirements for Business Membership of the MLAA have increased, thus increasing the overall standard of our Members. In order to become a Business Member a Business must be a registered business, it must employ a locksmith with a recognised Trade qualification, the Business must hold a Master License, and its locksmiths either an Individual License, or be police checked. The Business must also be adequately insured and the owner needs to have the support of at least two current Business Members of the Association. This gives Governmental and Council institutions peace of mind when using the services of a Master Locksmith.
  • Public Accessibility:
    The MLAA owns different trademarks and design registrations for Restricted Keying Systems. One of these Systems is the MLAK or Master Locksmiths Access Key, an innovative system enabling people with special needs to gain 24/7 access to a network of public facilities including disabled toilets, Changing Places facilities, and the Liberty Swing.
  • Qualified Feedback & Support:
    The Master Locksmiths Association is the peak body for the locksmithing industry in Australia and New Zealand. We are the “go-to” contact for the Government in general, Local Councils, regulatory bodies, etc. The Association is involved in different projects regarding security licensing, industry standards and disability access requirements.

The MLAA provides a network of highly qualified and trained security specialists. All Business Members of the Association are either police checked or security licensed and, as such, meet the general eligibility requirements to work for the Government.

Services for the Industry

For more than 35 years, the Master Locksmiths Association has been a valued partner of our industry’s manufacturers and suppliers.

The MLAA’s ownership of a number of trademarks and design registrations enables us to offer exclusive security solutions to our Members, allowing them to on-sell these to their clients.

Furthermore, the Association is a driver of innovation. It influences the research and development activities of its Trade Members, and acts as a conduit between industry and manufacturers.

Services for Corporates

Property development has been one of the major drivers of our economy for many years. New suburbs are created to house a growing population, and established areas are redeveloped to be ready for a connected future.

The MLAA is proud to be the knowledge base of the industry. The Association helps Corporates to identify opportunities and risks, and to plan security assets and their implementation. The Association helps with questions around best practices and building codes and regulations, supporting builders, architects, engineers and planners.

Services in the Education & Training Sector

The MLAA maintains close relationships with the TAFES in Australia and Competenz in New Zealand.

The Association plays an active role in reviewing and influencing the curriculum used by TAFE. This helps ensure apprentices gain the basic skills they will need to start their career, while at the same time provide our Business Members with an employee able to make a valuable contribution to the success of the Business.

Training and education of locksmiths does not end when an Apprentices receives their Certificate III in locksmithing. Further education and training is essential to ensure locksmiths maintain their existing skills and to learn the new skills required in a rapidly changing industry.

To be able to help our Business Members grow their Businesses, the Association has partnered with various providers of specialised training courses. These providers offer training in many areas, including business training, skills training, workplace health & safety, human resources, and more.

International Services

The MLAA maintains relationships with other International Associations and professional bodies in
Europe, Asia and the USA. Staying connected, and exchanging information, allows us to stay up-to-date with the very latest trends and developments in Overseas markets.