The new look of the MLAA

The MLAA is proud to introduce to you to its new Logos, and the updated Trust Badge, that was presented at this year’s AGM in Geelong.

The former MLAA logo has served us very well for over 30 years, however, the Association and the industry are undergoing changes.
These changes and our vision for the future (Vision 2020) showed very clearly that we needed to update the existing logo, and that there is a need for a Corporate Logo to differentiate between the Association and its Business Members.

In designing the new Trust Badge, the following parameters were established:

•    It had to be clearly recognizable as an evolution of the existing logo
•    It had to serve as a Trust Icon to the public
•    It needed to be future-focused, and still look modern for many years to come
•    It needed to be bold without being masculine
•    It had to be versatile, and able to be used for print and digital applications
•    It had to represent our Australian and New Zealand Business Members

MLAA Trust Badge

The updated Trust Badge will be used by our Members to identify themselves as quality locksmiths and Members of the biggest industry organisation in Australia & New Zealand.

The MLAA will use the updated Trust Badge to promote and advertise the products and services of its Business Members.

For Members Use

MLAA Corporate Logo

The new Corporate Logo of the Association will be used to market the MLAA as the peak body of the industry towards the industry, the Government, and the professional public.
It will be used for all official documents of the MLAA.


MLAA Abbreviation Logo

The new Abbreviation Logo will be used instead of the Corporate Logo for smaller spaces both online and offline, including shirts, flyers, pens, etc.

For MLAA Use Only

Updating to the new look

In the next few months, the MLAA Head Office will work on updating all current assets to the new look. We recommend that Business Members update to the new Trust Badge as soon as possible, however, we are mindful that it will not be possible for all Members to do so immediately. That is why we allow a transition period of 12 months.

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