New class created in WA for automotive locksmithing

A new class of certification has been created in Western Australia specifically for automotive locksmithing, representing a massive win for the locksmithing industry in the state, and a template for regulations in other jurisdictions.

The change is part of reforms to the Motor Vehicle Repairers Regulations 2007 (WA), which requires certification of workers doing repair work on motor vehicles in WA. The new class of certification for locksmiths is the result of recommendations made by the MLAA to the state’s Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety – Consumer Protection Division.

Automotive locksmiths previously fell under either the electrical accessory fitting work or the mechanical accessory fitting work classes in the regulations, and certification in these classes required TAFE certificates that include very little of relevance to automotive locksmithing.

The new ‘locksmith work’ class, however, requires Certificate III in Locksmithing (MEM30819) as the prescribed qualification.

“This is a great win for Locksmiths here in Western Australia,” said Steve Arias, MLAA’s Regional Director for WA. “We are finally standing on our own two feet and have not been swallowed up by the automotive industry.”

As part of a WA Government reform of the regulations aimed at streamlining licensing, the MLAA was approached by the Department to justify a specific class for automotive locksmiths, which the Association has been advocating for over many years.

“We put together a case that could not be dismissed, and while the Department’s intent was to minimise classes, they could not dismiss our strong case, and so the new class has emerged,” said Mr Arias.

Locksmiths who are already certified in either electrical accessory fitting work or mechanical accessory fitting work will be able to transfer to the new locksmith work class, and will be contacted directly by the Department about the transfer process.

To find out more about the new automotive locksmith class for WA, follow the link below.

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