When was the last time you got a key in a hotel?

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Keyless access became so common in many areas that we do not even think about it anymore.
Getting a key when checking into a hotel nowadays would feel very odd.
But why is it then that in a lot of other areas like apartments or office buildings, companies still rely on these outdated systems?

One might argue that a proper key doesn’t need energy and therefore would work in case of a blackout.
That’s right, but office buildings these days are equipped with emergency generators and electronic locks that are fitted with a long lasting battery.

Another argument might be that “a physical key” is harder to replicate then an electronic access control that relies on zeros and ones. Yes, at the moment our Master Locksmiths offer patented restricted key systems that are hard to copy. However, in a world that becomes more and more connected and “smarter” the patents and trademarks that protect these physical keying systems today might not apply in 5, 8 or 10 years.


Hotels worldwide started to implement key cards and the related software into their workflow 20 odd years ago.
So if the complexity of integration of such systems isn’t a major problem anymore and companies whose main business is to grant someone access to a room proof that electronic access control is reliability, why don’t more planners, architects or body corporates request these systems.

One reason might be that they just don’t know about it, another reason might be that “security” isn’t very sexy. We know that thinking about which art to display at the entrance is much more interesting than thinking about the advantages of a key fob. However, if your art isn’t properly secured, you might not have a lot of fun with it anyway.

We urge every professional who plans or manages “access” to a building, a warehouse, an office or apartment building to get in contact with one of the over 700 Master Locksmiths in Australia and New Zealand to get an idea of the opportunities and the costs.

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