Get your properties security checked every 2-5 years

Did you know that someone tried to break into your property?

Obviously, they didn’t succeed, you would know if they did. 

This is a scenario Master Locksmiths have to deal with on a daily basis. A locksmith is called to fix a broken lock or to fix some other minor issue, but what he or she notices is far more concerning than a broken lock.

Master Locksmiths are security experts. Yes, they cut keys and fit locks, but what they really do is help you to secure the things you love.

The Australian Bureau of Statistic totals almost 230,000 cases of attempted break-ins every year.
These are the ones that are reported to the police.
And these are the ones that the owners and tenants noticed.

But how many attempts or even successful break-ins are not reported?

Security technology changes constantly and older technology is easier to crack than modern technology.
To make it even worse, there are free how-to videos available online that show how to crack older locks or

bypass older security devices.

That is why we recommend that you have your property’s security checked at least every 2-5 years.

Get your local Master Locksmiths involved and ask for a security check.

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