Front Door vs. Back Door

You bought a house or just moved into your new rental, you updated the lock and you felt safe.
And now all your values are gone, someone broke into your home. But how? The front door looks fine!
This is the moment you realise that you didn’t update the back door, the garage door, the window locks or the veranda door. Unfortunately, you are not alone!

When a Master Locksmith is hired to do a security assessment of a residential or commercial property, what he/she sees quite often is a relatively modern lock at the front door and sometimes extremely outdated locks everywhere else.

That is because owners usually use the front door, so it seems logical to keep that door as secure as possible. But let’s be honest, when was the last time you heard about a burglar using the front door?

We recommend assessing the security of a property every 2 to 5 year, and by that, we mean every door, every window, every entrance point and every lock and every key. Because even just a small thing like a worn-out barrel can be a major security hazard.

Master Locksmiths are trained to find the weakest spot and then recommend a cost-effective way to secure that spot. It isn’t always necessary to replace locks, sometimes an update of existing technology is enough.

Get in contact with a Master Locksmith and get your property assessment tomorrow:

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