Constitution & By-Laws


Please Download the current MLAA Constitution & By-Laws

The Constitution was last updated on Oct 13, 2016

The MLAA By-Laws were last updated Oct 13,2016

Code of Ethics

All Master Locksmiths agreed to the following basic rules. Our Code of Ethics exists to support a fair market space, a friendly industry environment and a spirit of achieving the highest quality for the public.

  1. In conducting their professional activities, the welfare and security of the Community shall come before Members’ responsibility to the Association, the profession or to other Members.
  2. Members shall act in an ethical manner so as to uphold the honesty, honour, integrity, and reputation of the profession.
  3. Members shall comply with both the spirit of the letter of or relevant laws and regulations of the Commonwealth, States and Territories and other jurisdictions in which they conduct business.
  4. Members and their employees shall only perform work in their areas of competence.
  5. Members shall build their reputation on merit and shall not compete unfairly.