Honouring the finest in our field

Established as a local network of Locksmiths in 1967 and as a national body in 1982, the Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia (MLAA) has been serving our industry for more than 50 years.

Throughout our history, many individuals have shaped the Association and the industry at large. It is our duty and honour as the peak body of this industry to uphold and award some of its key influencers.

The MLAA also acknowledges the achievements of the next generation of Locksmiths by annually awarding the John Andrews Apprentice of the Year Award.

Life Membership

Members who have a distinguished record of achievement with the Association or the security industry may, at the invitation of the Board, be awarded a Life Membership of the Association.

Life Membership awarded to Grant Baxter in 2019

Pictured above: new Life Member Grant Baxter (middle), with National President Peter Lloyd (left), and Life Member David Rees

Recent Life Membership recipients

Life Membership was awarded to David Rees in 2018:

David Rees of Statewide Locksmiths receiving MLAA Life Membership in 2018

Pictured above: Life Member David Rees (middle) with  and Peter Lloyd (MLAA National President)

Life Membership was awarded to Norm Axford and Cliff Forrester in 2017:

Pictured above: Life Member Norm Axford (middle) with his wife Tracy and Peter Lloyd (MLAA National President)

Pictured above: Life Member Cliff Forrester (middle) with his wife Ruth and Michael Rechenberg (MLAA Director QLD)


Name  Branch  Year
John Andrew NSW 1983
Albert Chantry Snr VIC 1983
Keith Cohoe QLD 1983
Andrew Crandon NSW 1983
Max Hull VIC 1983
Stephen Mills NSW 1983
Alex Stewart VIC 1983
Bruce Hilderbrandt NSW 1985
Harold Johns VIC 1986
Allan Axford NSW 1988
Robert Bull NZ 1988
Stuart Johnson VIC 1991
Mick Berrell NSW 1992
Hugh Hendry VIC 1992
David Le Fevre VIC 1992
Ray Clark SA 1993
David Stewart VIC 1994
Laurence Mills NSW 1995
Frank O’Neill QLD 1995
Keith Ross VIC 1996
Robert McKenzie QLD 1997
George Ramsay NSW 1997
Jack Sheldon NSW 1997
Rae Mortimer NZ 1998
Doug Wickham NZ 1998
Robert Larsen QLD 1999
John Payne VIC 1999
Trevor Storen WA 1999
Clive Tulloch NSW 2003
Jack Coomber SA 2011
Jim Beveridge NZ 2013
Tony Douglas NSW 2013
Fraser Burns NZ 2014
Robin Gibbs  SA 2014
Geoff Ross VIC 2014
John Denzin QLD 2016
Eric Higgs QLD 2016
Cliff Forrester QLD 2017
Norm Axford NSW 2017
David Rees VIC 2018
Grant Baxter VIC 2019


John Andrew Apprentice of the Year

This annual award honours the memory of the late John Andrew who was the Association’s inaugural Life Member and a winner of the A.L. Chantry Memorial Award for the Pursuit of Excellence.  Eligible apprentices employed by MLAA Business members in Australia and New Zealand are invited to participate.

The test covers Picking, Impressioning, Lock fitting, Master Keying, Safe Diagnostics and General Knowledge.

LSC, Silca and ABUS continue to be major supporters of the Award, with the winner (and their Master) to receive a fully funded trip to Italy and Germany to visit the Silca & ABUS factories respectively.

Jesse Shepherd – Winner John Andrew Apprentice of the Year 2019

Pictured above: 2019 John Andrew Apprentice of the Year Jesse Shepherd (left) with his mentor Matt Ellis

Pictured above (from left): Peter Lloyd (MLAA), Fabrizio Lante (Silca), Cliff Forrester (MLAA), Jesse Shepherd, David Weinel (LSC), Andre Winterhoff (ABUS) and Matt Ellis

Past Winners

Pictured below: Winner 2018 Riley Davison

John Andrews Apprentice of the Year 2018 Riley Davidson from ASAP Locksmiths in Windsor - JAAOTY

Pictured below: Winner 2017 Zachary Winslade

Pictured below: Winner 2016 Peng Guo (Leo)

Pictured below: Winner 2015 Luke Bergin


 Year  Apprentice of the Year   Branch  Employer
2000 Chris Verbolle VIC Stewarts Security Specialists
2001 David Overend NZ James Bull & Co
2002 Eric Yorsten NZ Armstrong Locksmiths
2003 Nathan de Rooy NSW Brian Preddey Locksmiths
2004 Andrew Worsfold QLD Northside Locksmiths
2005 James Methven VIC Echuca Locksmiths
2006 Shane Cook VIC Echuca Locksmiths
2007 Bradley Wheeler VIC East Gippsland Keys & Locks
2008 Adam Burling WA SAS Locksmithing Services
2009 Robert Jeges VIC API Security – Moorabbin
2010 Kyle Bevans VIC Bendigo Locksmiths
2011 Nicole Bornis QLD Ruswin
2012 David Monahu VIC Omega Corporate Security
2013 Daniel Kolosi VIC Corporate Locksmiths
2014 Nicholas Smith QLD Keycut Services Pty Ltd
2015 Luke Bergin QLD Ruswin
2016 Peng Guo (Leo) VIC ASAP Locksmiths
2017 Zachary Winslade NSW Independent Locksmiths
2018 Riley Davidson VIC ASAP Locksmiths


A.L. Chantry Memorial Award for the Pursuit of Excellence

This Award was established in 1987 in honour of the late Albert Chantry, a pioneer of locksmithing in Victoria (AU).

It acknowledges the commitment and contribution of a Member or Director of the Master Locksmiths Association.

It is awarded periodically and requires 75% of the votes of the current Directors of the MLAA.

Fraser Burns – Recipient of the A.L. Chantry Award for 2019

Pictured below (from left): 2019 recipient Fraser Burns, President Peter Lloyd, and 2018 recipient Cliff Forrester


 Year  Recipient  Branch
1987 John Andrew NSW
1987 Laurence Mills NSW
1987 David Stewart VIC
1988 Hugh Hendry VIC
1989 Mick Berrell NSW
1990 Stuart Johnson VIC
1991 David Le Fevre VIC
1992 Rae Mortimer NZ
1993 Brian & Peter Preddy NSW
2005 Max Cherry VIC
2007 Murray Sanders NZ
2012 Norm Axford NSW
2018 Cliff Forrester QLD

Nominations for the A.L. Chantry Memorial Award are considered by the Board and require a vote of no less than 75% of Directors voting.  The Award is presented at the Association’s Annual Conference.

S.D. Mills Award

This Award honours the memory of the late Stephen D. Mills and acknowledges an outstanding practical example of locksmithing, e.g. the design of a new lock, locksmithing tool or procedure in areas ranging from the cutting of ornate keys to the development of computer software concepts or programs.

 Year  Recipient   Branch
1995 Wayne Fisher NZ
2002 Geoff Ross VIC
2004 John McMullen NZ
2007 Jack Coomber SA
2012 John McMullen NZ

Whilst the initiative may have been developed by a group working independently or under supervision, only one person can be the recipient of the award.  Judging of the Award will be undertaken by leading industry representatives members nominated by the MLAA Board of Directors and the judges will take into consideration:

  1. the originality of the initiative
  2. its usefulness in the industry
  3. the quality of work undertaken.

National Presidents of the MLAA

As a Member Organisation, the MLAA is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board MLAA consist of 6 Regional Directors representing the States and Territories, and New Zealand and a National President.

The National President is responsible for the overall leadership and direction of the Association.

The National President also acts as the Association’s spokesperson on relevant issues in the public domain and in the media, represents the Association at key internal and external events, chairs Board Meetings, ensures the diverse views of the Association are represented at Board level, and ensures that the views and decisions of the Board are communicated effectively.

Peter Lloyd
President of the MLAA


 Name  Branch  Period
David Stewart VIC 1982 – 1983
Lawrence Mills NSW 1983 – 1985
David Le Fevre VIC 1985 – 1992
Lawrence Mills NSW 1992 – 1993
David Stewart VIC 1993 – 1995
Trevor Storen WA 1995 – 1998
George Ramsay NSW 1998 – 1999
Clive Tulloch NSW 1999 – 2003
Jim Beveridge NZ 2003 – 2007
Tony Douglas NSW 2007 – 2011
David Rees VIC 2011 – 2017
Peter Lloyd NSW 2017 –