4000 years of locksmithing!

Did you know that the oldest lock ever found was dated by archaeologist to be more than 4000 years old?

And that is just the oldest lock archaeologist actually found. The history of locksmithing is even older.
Giving that early locks and keys were made from wood, most of them just vanished over time.

Later, when the first metal locks were manufactured, around 870-900 a.d., metal was so rare, that once a lock broke it was melted down and turned into something new.

After over 4000 years the locksmith‘s trade hasn’t really changed much. Locksmiths are still helping to secure valuables by offering access control systems.
The thing that changed a lot is how they do it. Modern locks don’t need keys and modern doors don’t necessarily need common locks.
Just think about hospital doors that use magnets to be held open or kept closed. And think about smart locks that can be opened and closed using an app on your mobile phone.

Master Locksmiths these days are full-scale security experts with knowledge in a variety of fields, from fitting common locks to electronic access control and from automotive to CCTV.

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