Three things your didn't know about Locksmiths

3 Things you didn’t know about Locksmiths

Compared to other trades where the public perception of the trade gets updates every once in a while, it seems Locksmiths are still perceived as a bunch of specialists cutting keys and opening doors. This, being still part of the job of a locksmith, the trade and the industry have evolved dramatically.

So here are 3 things you should know about Locksmiths

  1. Qualified Locksmiths complete a 4-year apprenticeship!
    This apprenticeship consists of both practical work and theoretical training at an approved RTO (TAFE). During their apprenticeship Locksmiths not only learn how to fit or pick locks and cut keys, they learn everything from electronic entrance control to servicing safes, and from CCTV to programming car keys and fobs.

  2. Locksmiths have access to special tools and products!
    A professional Locksmith has access to a wide range of selected products that are not available directly to the public and cannot be sold at hardware stores.
    This assures that the quality work of a professional locksmith is backed by a quality product. That does not mean Locksmiths products are more expensive than hardware shop items, however, if you want a quality lock that can’t be picked and lasts for years, you should rely on high-quality products and approach a professional locksmith.

  3. Locksmiths are security experts!
    Nowadays mobile locksmiths work in many different areas and for many different clients. Besides covering residential work and automotive, they work for hotels and hospitals, for supermarkets and retailer, for small businesses or big corporations. And yes they are happy to help you to get into your house if you have lost your keys.

The security industry has evolved and so have Locksmiths. If you are not sure if the security features of your property are up-to-date and want them to be assessed or if you just want to get a second key for your car, get in contact with a professional locksmith.
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